Process equipment for erection and maintenance of power transformers, reactors and other oil-filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV including
Ukraine, Kharkov


ETMA - Electrotekhmontazh

PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY «PROJECT DESING AND TECHNOLOGICAL BUREAU «ELEKTROTECHMONTAZH» (JSC «PDTB «ELEKTROTECHMONTAZH») — is a dynamically developing research and production engineering firm, which for over 39 years has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying:

  • Process equipment for erection and maintenance of power transformers, reactors and other oil-filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV including;
  • Hydraulic equipment;
  • Centrifugal hermetic pumps;
  • Fluoroplastic filtering elements.

JSC «PDTB «ELEKTROTECHMONTAZH» also devises projects of execution of work and process charts for erection of electric equipment of nuclear and fossil power plants and substations of Energetics objects.

Process Equipment provides degassing, drying, heating, cleaning from mechanical inclusions and regeneration of transformer oils of FK, Т-750, Т-1500U, ТКP, ТSP, VG types and other oils, used nowadays during operation of oil-filled units.
The equipment also provides drying of oil-filled units hard insulation and preparation of dry air in case of their depressurization.
With the help of this equipment cable, turbine and other oils with kinematic viscosity not more than 100 cSt at the temperature of 40ºС can be processed to achieve the required parameters

Hydraulic equipment is designed for lifting and displacement of heavy-weight equipment, as well as for final pressing of transformer and reactor windings.
Jacks of lifting capacity 10-200 tf are manufactured for lifting transformers.
Hydraulic pushers with force 20 tf are manufactured for displacing equipment along rails.
To support operation of jacks and pushers pump stations are made with manual and electric drives with working pressure up to 40 MPa and capacity from 1,6 l/min up to 20 l/min. Also multi-purpose pump houses of NSP-type are produced for operation with hydraulic jacks and pushers, providing both lifting and displacement of the equipment.

Centrifugal pumps hermetically sealed screened of CGE type and centrifugal hermetic pumps CGM with a magnetic clutch provide pumping of mineral oils with kinematic viscosity up to 40 cSt and temperature from minus 50 to plus 90°С.

Filtering elements made from Fluoroplastic-4 are intended for cleaning gases and fluids including aggressive ones (oils, fuels, acids, alkali, galvanic solutions, food products, drinking water, cryogenic fluids) from mechanical inclusions at a temperature from minus 50 to plus 150ºС with filtration fineness from 1 to 40 µm.

Process and hydraulic equipment, pumps, filters and other items are manufactured:

  • in accordance with Technical Specifications approved by the Gosstandart of Ukraine;
  • by documented system of Quality assurance in compliance with ISO 9002 (Certificate for the Quality Control System № UA 2.003.04613-10).

All the equipment is certified in the certification system of UkrSEPRO and GOST R of Gosstandart of Russia, tested before shipping to the Customer in accordance with the acceptance and approval test program.

Adjusting and testing are done on a testing site with employment of metrological verified equipment and instruments.

Monitoring is accomplished by the Quality Control Laboratory (Certificate of Laboratory Competency № 100-3413/2009).

The equipment meets the requirements of state and industries regulating documents of the Russian Federation and the supplementary regulating documents of the JSC “FSC Integrated Power Systems” and is recommended for erection, maintenance and servicing of power transformers and reactors and other oil-filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV including (Basis — Expert report of JSC “FSC Integrated Power Systems” № 02-33/186 dated 25.01.06).

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