Process equipment for erection and maintenance of power transformers, reactors and other oil-filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV including
Ukraine, Kharkov

Air Drying Plant

  • «Suhovey-6»

    Air-drying plant «Suhovey-6-150(-50/1)-1» of continuous action with capacity 150 m3/h (or cyclic operation, with capacity up to 2503/h) and guaranteed dew point not higher than minus 50°С. Compressor Emmecom SRL (Italy) with capacity 300 m3/h and noise level not more than 70 dB is used as a source of air. Mass of the sorbent is 2×200 kg. It has two independent heaters. On the outlet of the plant there is an air filter with filtration fineness 5 µm and a device for continuous monitoring of the dew point temperature (the set contains the instrument IVG-1) with signalization in case of dew point deviation from its passport value (at a Customer’s request: with continuous registering the dew point via USB port in the PC).