Process equipment for erection and maintenance of power transformers, reactors and other oil-filled equipment with voltage up to 1150 kV including
Ukraine, Kharkov

CGM Centifugal glandless mhd pumps

Centrifugal glandless MHD pumps CGM are designed for delivery of transformer oil within temperature range from 10 to 90°С.

They are manufactured in accordance with requirements of TU34.04624312.019-98 and have Certificate of Compliance in certification systems UkrSEPRO and GOST R of State Standard of Russia.

  • Climate version — U1 in compliance with GOST 15150-69.
  • Average service time — at least 10 years, guarantee period — 1 year.
  • Service personnel — 1 person.
  • Ecological safety — according to GOST 12.1.005-88.
  • Fire hazard — in compliance with GOST 12.1.004-91.
  • Electric safety — according to GOST




Description Working delivery range, m3/h Head, m, maximum *Motor power, kW Overall dimensions, mm
L x B x H
Mass, kg
CGM 1-10-0,37 0,5÷1,5 12 0,37 290×185×170 10
CGM 3,2-30-3 1,5÷5,0 32 3,0 455×250×275 57

* The above data are given for pumps made from carbon steel on rolling bearings, complete with motors of conventional industrial application with synchronous rotation frequency 3000 rev./min.


The pump is made in the form of an integrated unit, consisting of a pump unit, magnetic clutch and an electric motor of conventional industrial or dust-ignition-proof design.

Rotation is transmitted into the hermetically sealed space to the impeller with magnetic field of the permanent magnet through thin-walled hermetically sealed screen which provides absolute air-tightness without mechanical friction seals (end seals, glands).

The material of parts contacting with fluid to be pumped — is carbon steel, type Steel 20.

The outlet branch pipe (with a flange or thread) — vertical, horizontal or at an angle is customized.

At a special Customer’s request pumps with the flowing part made of stainless steels and on plain bearings under stationary conditions can be manufactured for delivery of other fluids, i.e.: aggressive, sterile, containing hazardous substances of all classes according to standard GOST, and fluids, vapours of which may form with air highly explosive mixtures of categories PA and PB of group Т1-Т4 according to standard GOST 12.1.011.

Density of fluids to be pumped should not be more than 1200 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity up to 40х10-6 m2/f, temperature — from minus 50 to plus 120°С, mass fraction of hard non-abrasive inclusions — 0,2% and with particle size not more than 0,2 mm.

At Customer’s request updating is possible — installation of a magnetic clutch on centrifugal and other types of pumps available in the production. This will eliminate operations like permanent stuffing of glands or repair of end seals, improve conditions of labour of the servicing personnel and liquidate leaks of products being pumped as well as completely stop discharge of contaminations into the environment.